Preparing for Action at DSEI and beyond

Take-aways from the Quaker Roots Open Meeting on February 22nd 2023

Quaker Roots held an open meeting to discuss ideas and concerns for action against the DSEI Arms Fair. This is a wee snippet of what came out of that meeting:

  • The Meeting for Worship outside DSEI Arms Fair is powerful and needs to happen again.
  • It is important to take action while the Arms Fair is happening and during the set-up week (No Faith in War day).
  • Taking part in a Merchants of Death tour through London.
  • Using singing as part of protest.
  • Working with other faith groups.
  • Linking with Friends who can’t attend in person, through social media perhaps?
  • Creating a clear schedule for day of action, so Friends know what is happening.
  • Having a mic available, so Friends can hear Ministry.
  • Having a variety of actions for people to do during the day.
  • Filming the whole event.
  • Friends hosting local TEDx talks about the importance for peace.
  • Friends gaining full information about legal rights and recent changes in protest law.
  • London Friends providing accommodation and food for travelling Friends.
  • We want to have a large presence of Friends.
  • Clear information and messaging for Friends to have at hand, leaflets etc.
  • Creating links between migrations, environment and conflict.
  • Have placards available for Friends to just pick up.

We also decided that it is important to have continuing open meetings, and Friends are invited to contribute and come with ideas. The next meeting will have time set aside to talk about how Friends can contribute further to make sure ideas happen.

The next Preparing for Action meeting will be held on 22nd March 2023 on zoom.

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    1. Hi Sue, actions will hopefully take place during the set-up week Tues 5th – Sun 10th Sept, will let you know when No Faith in War day is as soon as confirmed. DSEI itself is taking place from Tues 12th – Fri 15th Sept, there will be a vigil on Mon 11th, and potential witness as delegates arrive on the Tuesday.

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