Human Cost of War – voices from Palestine & Israel

On 11th January 2024, we were privileged to hear directly from Mohammad Tamimi* and Sahar Vardi, peace activists in Palestine and Israel, and Prof Anna Stavrianakis (UK) on the role of the global and UK arms trade in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

A video of the event is now available to view below. Many thanks to QPSW for help with editing.

*Name changed and identity protection filter applied to keep Mohammad safe. Apologies that this means his voice sounds a little strange.

Human Cost of War Jan 2024 from Quaker Roots on Vimeo.


Mohammad Tamimi is part of a local organisation that works to provide critical humanitarian assistance for marginalised Palestinian communities living in areas of the West Bank that are under full Israeli military and civil control (Area C).

Sahar Vardi works for peace & justice and has been imprisoned 3 times as a conscientious objector for refusing to enlist into the Israeli Defence Forces.

Anna Stavrianakis‘ main research interests are the international arms trade, UK arms export policy, international arms transfer control, and militarism and security in North-South perspective.

We are sorry that one of our original speakers Shahd Safi (a journalist and teacher in Gaza) was not able to join us – it was simply too much for her in the current situation. We hold Shahd in the Light and offered some silence during the event in honour of the space that she would have filled.